Insider’s Guide: Doing Time as a Sex Offender

    By Dale Chappell

    You won’t find any pity parties or sob stories here. Insider’s Guide: Doing Time as a Sex Offender exposes the raw truth about what it’s like to be a sex offender. From the first accusation to surviving in prison as a sex offender to living in society on the sex-offender registry, this book has it all. It’s a collection of personal experiences from those who have been there, and backed by facts, cases, and laws, dealing with issues that sex offenders face.

    Sex offenses are often sensationalized but rarely are they understood. After more than 15 years of working with sex-offense cases, Dale Chappell provides an objective view on every aspect of these cases and the people who committed the offenses. If you want to know what it’s like to be arrested for a sex offense, it’s in there. What’s prison like for sex offenders? You’ll get an unfiltered look. There’s also a section devoted to sex-offender treatment, including the actual risk of recidivism, and how civil commitment works.

    Insider’s Guide: Doing Time as a Sex Offender also goes over common sex offenses, explaining what the prosecutor needs to prove to obtain a conviction, and what kinds of sentences are handed out for those offenses. Court cases are provided to show what has worked and what hasn’t. If you’re someone facing a sex-offense case or helping someone who is, this book is the real deal. Nothing is watered down.

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