Dale Chappell

I'm passionate about federal litigation. I love it so much I became a certified paralegal and I contract with law firms doing legal research and writing.

What is Florida’s 1,000-Foot Rule for Sex Offenders?

We’ve all heard about sex offenders living under a bridge near Miami and the more than 100 sex offenders packed into a trailer park in St. Petersburg (better known as “pervert park”) — all because they couldn’t find a place to live. But did you know that Florida not only has a statewide 1,000-foot rule…

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Federal Habeas Corpus: Your Reply to the Government’s Response

When seeking habeas corpus relief in federal court, nothing says that you have to file a reply to the prosecutor’s (“government’s”) response to your petition. In fact, courts had long held that a habeas petition doesn`t have the right to file a reply after the government responds. But that changed on December 1, 2019, when…

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Why Child Pornography Sentences are Harsh

Sentences for child pornography offenses in the federal courts have skyrocketed over the last decade. While child pornography offenses are not “victimless” crimes, the punishment hardly fits the crime anymore. Even the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) says the sentences are too much! Yet, judges keep sentencing child pornography defendants to decades in prison, even in…

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