Free Power of Attorney Forms for Prisoners

If you need a power of attorney form, you don’t have to pay for them. Here’s a durable power of attorney form for Florida, and a revocation form when the time comes to end the power of attorney. I also included a generic power of attorney form that may be used in other states.

Florida Durable Power of Attorney Form:

Florida Revocation of Power of Attorney Form:

Generic Durable Power of Attorney Form:

I assume no responsibility for these forms. I found them online and figured I woulf make them available to prisoners and their families who often ask me about power of attorney forms (usually in Florida, one of the states that prides itself on incarcerating most of its residents). If you see a problem withe the form, let me know and I will remove it. If this is helpful, I might add an entire section of forms for all the states. Let me know!


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