Squandering the Opportunity

Today I walked into my office in a fancy high-rise office building in the city and said, “Alright! Another opportunity to make an impact.” And then I found myself sinking into the same old routine, simply winding through another day.

But why do I do this? Why do I squander the day doing things that won’t make a difference “at the end of the day,” as they say. If I really get honest with myself, it’s because making a meaningful impact requires taking risks. I’m not a big risk-taker these days!

If I can offer anyone leaving prison some advice, it’s don’t be afraid to take some risks. Being safe and secure makes us feel good, but it’s such an obstacle to becoming successful — however you might define that word.

There’s lots of “good” things out here, but don’t let the good get in the way of what’s better.

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