HELP! I need a job and a place to live in the Tampa Bay area — PLEASE!

I need to find a job and a place to live in the Tampa Bay area by July 26. Can anyone help me out? I release from prison on July 26 and the BOP is sending me to Tampa, where I have no place to live and no job, simply because I was sentenced in Tampa. This is the BOP`s policy, and it makes no sense. For the first time in my life, I`m officially listed as “homeless.”

I`m scared.

But it`s not like I haven`t done everything I could to prepare for my release. I established a solid job with a law firm in Vermont years ago and I have a friend up there who has promised me a place to live in one the houses he owns. All of this was in writing and placed in my BOP file.

But then things fell apart. The lawyer in Vermont recently closed up shop and opened a virtual office in Washington, DC, and then moved to the Midwest to live. All those years he kept telling me I had a job and to “stop worrying,” and then he backed out at the last minute. All of it gone.

So without a job and place to live in Vermont, the US Probation Officer up there denied my request to release to my planned location in Rutland. Despite that I have very supportive family and friends in NY, about 2 hours from Rutland, he said they didn`t count because they didn`t live “in town.” I grew up in NY but have no job or place to live there, either. I have to go to FL, the BOP says.

The BOP`s default policy is that when a relocation request is denied by the USPO, a releasee must be returned to the district where they were sentenced. The fact that I don`t have a place to live or a job in Tampa doesn`t matter. I was sentenced there so I must return there.

But I`m no stranger to the Tampa Bay area: I retired from Clearwater Fire Dept, after 20 years as a firefighter/paramedic in FL and NY. For the last 15 years, though, I`ve passionately studied the law and become a certified paralegal. I`ve written three post-conviction books and I`m currently finalizing some books about sex-offender cases and issues. I`ve got hundreds of published articles and columns on federal habeas corpus and criminal justice issues, and this rather nifty blog I`ve been building for the last year.

Any law firm in the Tampa Bay area that would be willing to give me a chance as a paralegal will not be disappointed. I have a respected name in this field and people trust me. I could easily bring in more “business” than it would cost the firm to bring me aboard.

If you or anyone you know would be willing to help me out, PLEASE contact me at:

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