My Blog Posts are a Preview to my Revised Insider`s Guide Books

If you want to know what`s in my Insider`s Guide series of postconviction books, just take a look at the federal habeas corpus posts on my blog lately. Most of these posts are adapted directly from those books.

These writings are the culmination of years of fulltime study of federal habeas corpus procedures. I`ve taken the most critical points I think anyone filing for federal habeas relief should know and put them on my blog. I have a lot more to go, so keep checking back for more info on federal habeas relief.

Why am I posting all this free info from my books? Because the whole idea behind writing my books was to help people. For years, I kept all of this information in big binders and would loan them out to people. Finally someone convinced me to publish books with all this information, and that`s how my books came into existence.

My books contain nothing unique or top secret. It`s the same information anyone could gather by reading the habeas statutes and rules, and then studying thousands of court cases interpreting them. All I`ve done is explain all of it in a way that makes sense.

If someone wants to invest over 20,000 hours into understanding federal habeas corpus, I support their efforts. Most sane people would rather invest their time into other meaningful things, like saving the manatees. A book covering what they need to know about federal habeas relief might be enough for them. And if enough people buy my books, maybe I can go back to saving the manatees (hint hint).

But until my new books are published this fall, please feel free to use the posts on my blog as Cliff`s Notes (a reference to those who might remember those “study aids” that teachers hated so much). And, as always, let me know your feedback. I love to hear it.

Gassho, Dale Chappell

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