What is this `Freedom` They`re Talking About?

Is it really “freedom” if we can`t afford it? In speaking about the record-breaking increase in gas prices in the this country, Prez Biden recently said:

Defending freedom is going to cost us.

Freedom from what? How do you define that “freedom?” That`s what I keep asking.

I learned what “freedom” meant when I got locked up 15 years ago. But it`s not what you might think I`ll say. Sure, I could say that I “lost my freedom” because I couldn`t go where I wanted to go. That`s a very basic freedom, and one we can all relate to.

But I really discovered what freedom meant when I was in the back of a van in a “dog cage,” with my hands cuffed to a chain around my waist, looking out the back window at the traffic behind us. We were stuck on a long bridge and the guy behind us was pounding on his steering wheel and screaming at the stopped cars ahead of him. That`s when I realized “freedom” has such a deeper meaning. I felt more “free” at that moment that that guy behind us, even though he was technically considered “free” — and I was just sentenced to a very long sentence in federal prison.

Over all my years in prison, I`ve learned that “freedom” is what I make it. I`ve watched countless staff members take out their stress from their home life on the prisoners under their care. These people are clearly stuck in their own “prison,” while supposedly being “free.” It`s sad.

My freedom these days doesn`t come from what some government agency or politician says it is. I can be free in any situation, if I choose to be. If you can`t afford the so-called “freedom” Joe Biden is talking about, then it`s probably not freedom at all.

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