It Already Exists on the Inside

I was just listening to a story on NPR about a woman who lost her house and everything she owned in the fast-moving wildfires in Colorado. It struck me that she initially felt like she had lost her whole life, but then realized that her “life,” as it were, still existed within herself. How does this apply to my efforts to make Zen Law Guy the go-to consulting firm for federal sex offense cases? Let me explain.

I`ve had people tell me over the years to “build” a consulting firm so that I can help more people. They tell me I have so much knowledge and experience in federal sex offense cases and that it could help others who are facing these often-complex cases. This motivates me and it also makes me anxious because, well, how do I do that in a way that best represents what people want?

Building any kind of firm isn`t simple, as any lawyer might attest. The problem with building ZLG Consulting is that the firm already exists in my head. In effect, I am the firm. I have a ton of stuff in my head that can help people with federal sex offense cases. Now, how do I get it out of my head so it can help people? I`ve written books, which are in the process of being published (finally). And I have this blog where I can post some of this information for people.

All of this, really, allows me to make what`s in my head tangible so that people can use it. They can hold a book, print a blog post, and share it all with others. It becomes “real,” in a sense. And that`s what frustrates me: Even though I have all this knowledge in my head about federal sex offense cases, I don`t believe it`s “real” because I can`t physically see it.

Isn`t that messed up? I can go over the stuff in my head but I don`t give it any validity because I can`t hold it in my hands. I assume other people are the same way. They see my blog has empty spots or that some of my books are taking longer to publish and they might think that I don`t have anything to offer. This is what I think is happening, anyway.

And I will probably always see what have to offer in federal sex offense world in such a way that frustrates me. That`s because I probably won`t ever get all this information out of my head and into the hands of those who need it. That is what frustrates me. I jokingly tell people I wish they could read my mind. Most of that is the truth.

I could ask that people be patient with me as I “build” ZLG Consulting into what I think it should be. But it will never be fully “built.” I will always be adding to it. That`s why writing those books scared me. What if I forgot something important? There`s all these “what-ifs.”

Yes, ZLG Consulting is being built the best way I know how. I`ve gathered help from the most brilliant minds I`ve ever known. I`ve got a slew of supporters out there urging me to keep going when I get frustrated. Zen Law Guy is not at all a one-man show. Hardly.

If you find something helpful on this blog or in my books, know that it`s stuff that has existed in my head for a long time. And what you`re reading is only part of it, I`m sure. I didn`t get all of it out there like I`d hoped. But stick around and more will come out. The Zen Law Guy concept that exists in my head has always existed. I just gotta find a way to get it out there and build this firm.

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