My Books Are Coming Late 2022

After several setbacks over the last two years, all four of my books are slated to go on sale in late-2022. I learned a lot about how publishing works — and more about how it doesn`t work — since I signed a contract with a publisher in 2019 for my books. I was excited because my books were finally going to come to life. Then I was humbled when the publisher`s editor did so much work but split ways with the publisher. Then I became frustrated when a new editor came aboard but didn`t have the correct copy of my drafts. I resent them at a considerable expense. And then that editor split ways.

At this point we were coming up on two years with no product and I began considering other options. Finally, the publisher agreed to void the contract so I can choose another route to publish my books. That was three months ago and we are on track for mid- to late-2022.

Even with all of this, I fault no one. The publisher (who shall remain nameless) kept me in the loop. The personnel changes happened during the worst of the “panda,” as I heard someone call the COVID-19 pandemic. People suddenly had more pressing obligations. Sure, I`m disappointed that my books have taken this long to get into people`s hands. That`s hard to handle. It`s hard because my first book, Habeas Corpus for Federal Prisoners: An Insider`s Guide, was a work of passion for me. I lived and breathed section 2255 for over 8 years leading up to the book. It`s an exhaustive study on the topic, to say the least. I want to see it help people. But having the contract did motivate me to write three more books, and I have more planned. It`s wasn`t all bad trip!

If you`d like to receive updates on when the books will be available, please use the contact form and mention which books you`re interested in. The contact form will be routed to the person handling the release of my books. Also note that announcements on any status changes will be made on the publisher`s website: ZLG Publishing, Ltd.

Thanks and GASSHO — Dale Chappell

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