ZLG Publishing Acquires Bendale Publishing

I`m pleased to announce that ZLG Publishing, Ltd., has acquired Bendale Publishing. This move will allow ZLG to have full control of my books, from the first idea to the finished product. Instead of guessing (and hoping) when my books will be published, now I`ll know.

And we`re admittedly not one of the “Big House” publishers out there. In fact, ZLG Publishing, Ltd., is proudly a “boutique” publisher. This means we might publish a few titles a year, and we might only work with a handful of authors. It`s not about quantity but all about quality. If you pick up a ZLG book, I promise that the utmost care went into that book.

Just as I only write about topics I`ve invested thousands of hours into studying, these are the same kind of authors we at ZLG Publishing, Ltd., want to work with. What I write about comes from first-hand experience. I believe that prisoners and their families can smell BS a mile away. I won`t waste my time or yours with books that are full of fluff. There`s a market out there for that, and all of us at ZLG Publishing, Ltd., want nothing to do with it.

Gassho — Dale Chappell

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