Prison Life as a Sex Offender

To my fellow law junkies:

I’m posting this blurb to ask for comments on whether I should post on this blog some details about what prison life is like for someone convicted of a sex offense. After working with sex offenders and their lawyers for more than 15 years, I have tons and tons of info that people may want (or need) to know. This is especially true for anyone facing sex offense charges or heading to prison as a sex offender — or anyone simply interested in what things are really like in prison for sex offenders.

Do you think this would be useful info? Please let me know!

Dale Chappell, the Zen Law Guy

And please be respectful with your comments. I like how Tim Ferriss says on his blog about posting comments: “You know how Fonzie was cool on Happy Days? Well, that’s how your posts should be: Cool.” Debate is fine but hate speech will be deleted.